From Idea to Company

Together AI Studio is a venture-building program designed for exceptional AI founders to take companies from idea to product-market fit to scale, with flexible funding between $500K to $5M

About the Program


$500K – $5M

Depending on the stage of the business, at favourable terms to the founders

Office Hours

Girish Mathrubootham
Founder & CEO, Freshworks
Founding Partner, Together Fund
Co-founder, SaaSBoomi
Manav Garg
Founder & CEO, Eka Software
Founding Partner, Together Fund
Co-founder, SaaSBoomi

Girish and Manav will spend time with you helping you think through all important aspects of your path to PMF

Exclusive Access

Global Network of 300+ operators

Access to a global network of product, engineering, GTM leaders & researchers in SaaS & AI

Cloud Benefits

Upto $600K in credits

Credits include access to cloud compute & applications along with access to subject matter experts from these teams

Our AI Portfolio

Frequently Asked Questions

Who should apply?

Any founder working in AI can apply, regardless of credentials, location, or specific AI domain. Ideal candidates seek more than just capital; they need strategic support from experienced founders/operators and a community of fellow entrepreneurs.

Founders at the ideation stage are also encouraged to apply. We specialize in early investments, often at the pre product stage, and are excited to partner from Day 0 with ambitious entrepreneurs.

What is the selection criteria?

We are looking for mission-driven teams addressing a proven pain point with a unique, defensible solution. Our focus is on partnering with teams that have a clear vision and approach, even in the fast-evolving AI sector.

Can I apply if I’ve already raised some funding or am not raising right now?

Yes, we encourage all founders who have secured previous funding and/or not raising right now to apply. We invest between $500K and $5M in exceptional founders on mutually agreeable terms.

Currently, our program is most effective when combining capital with strategic guidance. However, we are evolving continuously to best serve the needs of entrepreneurs. Please write to us at with suggestions for improvement.

I am still exploring ideas/looking for a Co-founder/haven’t incorporated. Am I too early to apply?

Incorporation is not a prerequisite. We can assist with the incorporation process if we decide to partner. While co-founder matching is not a primary focus, we have a network eager to join AI ventures in a co-founder capacity. Mention this in your application, and we can assist.

If you’re still searching for the right idea, we’re here to help brainstorm and validate your concepts. Contact us at to start a conversation.

How are the office hours with Girish and Manav structured?

The time spent by Girish & Manav will be flexible and tailored specifically to the company’s needs & stage.

How is Together AI Studio different from an accelerator?

In many ways! Accelerators normally invest fixed cheque sizes, have a time-bound direct engagement for a few months, & generally accept a large batch in one go.

However, we invest flexible cheque sizes upto $5M, have a long-term engagement through the company’s lifecycle, & we’re aimed at working closely with exceptional founders & offering them curated guidance.

Is there a deadline? When will I hear back?

There’s no strict deadline, but we advise applying soon. The AI sector is rapidly progressing, and our program offers key resources and operational support that can give you a significant head start. You can expect to hear back from us within 2 weeks of submitting your application.

Can I still apply if I am not building in SaaS?

Certainly, the program is aimed at serving all founders building AI-first companies, SaaS or not.


For more details, get in touch with us