What aspects do you look for when you evaluate a startup?

It is almost impossible to predict which startup will win during the early days. You need a huge dose of luck and timing to win big but these factors are many times outside your control. Which is why we focus on the founder rather than on the startup. We have to feel good about our chemistry with the founder and her team at a minimum – this is simply because we want to work with folks that we see ourselves enjoy working with. We also try to look for signs of founder-market-fit – does the founder have decent domain knowledge and an informed opinion on the future of this market? Is this market large enough to make it worth winning and if so, is this founder ambitious enough to want to scale and win at a global level?

Post partnering with a founder, we focus more on the journey than on the outcome. A primary reason why we founded Together is to work with great founders and have fun along the way together. As much as we believe that we can help founders, we would like to learn from them as well and contribute in every meaningful way to shape great companies.