Meet Avinash Raghava

Avinash in a nutshell

  • Loves Bringing Awesome People #Together
  • Enjoys Yoga.
  • Favorite quote: “Be the change you want to see in the world”
  • Passionate about making a dent in the Indian startup ecosystem
  • Strong belief about India as a ProductNation.

A veteran at building startup communities in India, Avinash Raghava leads community and culture efforts at Together, building purposeful relationships with founders across all touchpoints. Avinash hopes to create an ecosystem of like-minded founders who openly share insights and experiences and take joy and pride in each other’s success.

Prior to Together, Avinash was leading the Community and Platform initiatives for Accel Partners in India. He co-founded SaaSBOOMi – a pay-it-forward community for SaaS Founders and was also a co-founder at iSPIRT, a think tank set up to transform the software product community in India. Avinash was an early leader and prominent face at NASSCOM where he developed a passion for software products and embarked on the mission to make India a “Product Nation”.

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