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Together Fund was founded in 2021 by Girish Mathrubootham (Founder and CEO of Freshworks), Manav Garg (Founder and CEO of Eka Software), and Shubham Gupta (previously at Matrix Partners India and GS Singapore). Our first fund was $85M in size, followed by a second fund, announced in 2023, of $150M.

In today’s age of abundant capital, we found more entrepreneurs from our thriving ecosystem looking for strategic capital. By strategic capital, we imply a partnership that goes beyond just providing capital and supporting the entrepreneurs with know-how on finding Product-Market Fit (PMF), scaling Go-to-Market (GTM) motions, and hiring the right talent.

Being entrepreneurs first, we decided to build a fund that will work closely with founders, open up playbooks from successful ventures, and offer access to a global network of founders and operators for any tactical advice. We are the first and only VC fund in India, led by founders. 

We are the ideal VC partner for entrepreneurs who believe this is more valuable than just capital!

We invest in startups right from the ideation stage till Series A. We are typically the first institutional investors & help out entrepreneurs right from Day 1. We tend to come in as lead/co-lead investors & invest anywhere between $1M upto $5M per cheque.

We invest primarily in areas of SaaS & AI. This would broadly include horizontal & vertical SaaS, Developer tooling, Cloud-native infrastructure, API-first businesses and AI applications. That said, when we meet exceptional founders who we are excited about partnering with, we are agnostic to the domain and market.

We value the time of our founders, and therefore, we move quickly. We usually meet a few times before bringing the company to our IC (Investment Committee). Post the IC meeting, we will make the final decision within 24 hours, and this entire process can take from a few days to up to three weeks. We believe in being transparent and constantly share our inputs with the team during this process. 

As for what we look for in these meetings, we look for the kind of work the founder has done on the market & problem statement, the chemistry we’re able to establish with the founders given this is a long-term partnership, overall attractiveness of the space from a billion-dollar outcome point of view and we see how strong has the execution been so far.

We work with our portfolio closely & help them in a variety of different ways:
1) Capital: In addition to backing you with sufficient starter capital, we also have ample funds parked for follow-on rounds. We want runway to be the least of your concerns!
2) Brainstorming Sessions & Workshops: Girish & Manav spend time 1:1 with our portfolio companies helping on topics of pathway to $1M ARR, figuring out the 1st version of the product, scaling GTM channels, hiring sales & marketing leaders et al.
3) Access to global practitioner network: We also have a network of over 200 global SaaS entrepreneurs & leaders available to help you across topics like Product, Sales, Marketing, Hiring et al.
4) Your biggest cheerleader & first port of call: We understand that building a startup is a rollercoaster journey, filled with highs & lows. We aspire to be your biggest cheerleaders in times of success & your first port of call in times of doubts/distress!

The best way to reach out to us is by pinging one of our team members directly (or) getting introduced through any of our portfolio founders/angels/ecosystem leaders. You can also drop a note at hello@together.fund and we can take it forward from there.
Also, we encourage founders to not pitch to us! Instead, we invite you to get in touch to just have a friendly chat – whether you are raising a round or not. Let’s have a coffee together and take it from there!