Goodbye Avinash…Welcome Avinash

Team Together

21 March 2023

Avinash Raghava will be moving on from Together Fund and instead of feeling bad we all feel super happy. Why? Because Avinash is stepping into his new role as CEO of SaaSBOOMi.

This is exciting news for the whole SaaS ecosystem and the India SaaS movement. Avinash is India’s top startup community builder and was the co-founder of SaaSBoomi along with our founding partners — Girish and Manav and other key leaders.

Avinash and the SaaSBOOMi founding team was instrumental in building the organisation from a fledgling community to a vibrant, thriving ecosystem that it is today with over 3500 SaaS startups.

When Avinash joined Together Fund in 2021, his responsibilities at the firm were not just to build a community around our fund but also to continue to work on SaaSBOOMi. In fact, 2022 was a phenomenal year where we saw the launch of the SaaSBOOMi chapter in the US and the continued rise of the Indian SaaS story.

As the global interest in India SaaS continues to rise, we (as part of the SaaSBOOMi founding team) realised the need for a full time leadership role at the organisation and creating an independent governance council. This is the right step forward for SaaSBOOMi, which will continue to play a pivotal role in enabling the SaaS founder community. And when we decided to find the right CEO for SaaSBOOMi, there was no better leader than Avinash who has served the community tirelessly. We were all thrilled to see him gladly accept the role. So while on one hand we say goodbye to Avinash from Together, on the other side, we welcome him with open arms as the new CEO of SaaSBOOMi.

Congratulations Avinash!! More Power to India SaaS!! Onwards and Upwards!!


Girish and Manav