The MarTech Stack: The Innovators (Part III)

Manav Shah

19 July 2022
#Marketing #Tech Trends

B2B Marketing Tech stack has massively evolved over the last few years. With the evolving GTM motions that we covered in Part 1 and the unsolved challenges we highlighted in Part 2, this blog will look at some of the most innovative companies I have come across in the last 12 months of absolutely falling in love with this space.

B2B marketing is a vast, vast space, split across different motions, and the category of tools is vast; just ask Scott Brinker and his landscape of 10,000 tools.

But that being said, some of these tools stand out head and shoulders above the rest — both with their approach to solving the problem and the results they have unlocked for marketers.

So let’s jump right into it.


A website is one of the most essential communication mediums for a company, let alone for the marketer. Have you ever wondered that while campaigns and social media ads can be personalized based on the segment of the user viewing them, why is that not the same for a website?

Well, now it is possible with Mutiny.

Mutiny allows marketers to show different website copies and unlock different positioning for different segments of website visitors.

Genius. It almost feels like magic.

And that is not where it stops; Mutiny also writes/ suggests the best copy. GPT 3 FTW.


As the name suggests, Account Based Marketing is a highly targeted form of B2B GTM motion specifically deployed by companies targeting Mid Market & Enterprise customers with a large ACV (Average contract value).

6Sense not only empowers the marketer to gain visibility in the dark funnel of leads but also allows them to run highly specific campaigns across channels on highly specific visitors/ leads. Eventually, leading to a predictable and consistent pipeline of MQLs.

If you as a company have a well-defined ICP, 6Sense will help you identify them, engage with them and convert them into MQLs.


Prescriptive Marketing. Yes, you heard it right. Konnecto empowers marketers to actually conduct something they have always wanted to be proactive, not reactive.

Marketing analytics has been a massive challenge for B2B Marketing teams, but Konnecto takes it one level further:

  • It helps marketers reverse engineer customer journeys
  • Identify the reason why a potential customer switched to a competitor
  • And prescribe Next-Best-Action


On average, a B2B Marketing team uses over 15 tools, and each of these tools generates yuuuge amounts of data that marketers haven’t been able to use up to now.

But in comes Octane11. It turns siloed B2B data into actionable insights in a fraction of the time.

Octane11 provides a layer of B2B-specific transformations, enrichment, and insights that work with all kinds of Data Warehouse, ELT/ETL, and BI tools and deliver enhanced data to the endpoints of your choice.

A literal god-sent for Marketing Leaders.


The world is moving towards a cookie-less era. User privacy is more critical than ever. And marketing teams need to evolve to keep up with this trend.

Bloutout is solving for right that. Blotout solves this by generating something called a Lifetime Customer ID, a unique ID that allows marketers to track customer behavior and interaction across all touchpoints thoroughly.

Blotout empowers marketers to bring order to the chaos of activating across sales and marketing channels; it’s the only stack bringing together online, offline, and event data to deliver the comprehensive customer journey.

Marketing teams can see up to 25% better RoI on spending post-Blotout. That is mega.


Buyer intent data is one of the most critical inputs when it comes to B2B GTM motions, especially ABM. But even more important is the ability to act on a high-intent buyer in real-time.

That is what Qualified powers its customers to do.

Let’s say Zoom is your target account, and if the right ICP from Zoom is currently on your website, or has interacted with an ad campaign, qualified powers you to directly interact with the potential lead via chat, call, or video conversation.

And that is not where the buck stops. Qualified also seamlessly works with your CRM to give real-time visibility of how high-intent accounts interact with your marketing motions.

I’m sure I have missed out on quite a few exciting innovators in MarTech, so please mention them in the comment, and we will cover them in the next part.

I hope all of you enjoyed reading this 3 part MarTech series as much as I enjoyed writing them. Do check out Part 1 & Part 2 here.

And as always, If you’re building a disruptive company addressing the marketing stack and our perspective above resonates, we would love to hear from you.