Meet Manav Garg

Manav in a nutshell

  • Loves: All kinds of music from retro to rock, EDMs to blues. Part time DJ for friends. Makes special travel plans to attend concerts.
  • Enjoys: Cooking! Thai, Indian and Italian chef by the home ministry and currently learning the art of gutting a fish the right way.
  • Favorite quote: From the book that left an everlasting impression on me at the tender age of 11, The Bhagwad Gita, “Focus on effort and not on the result.”
  • Passionate about: Art and design. You can find him visiting art galleries, furniture shows, antique markets during travels.
  • Strong belief: In mindfulness and living a balanced life.

It was Manav’s idea of creating a fund for founders that was the seed behind starting Together.

In addition to being a founding partner at Together Fund, Manav is the Founder & CEO of Eka Software, enterprise SaaS platform to unify procurement, supply chain, treasury and payments. He is on a mission to modernize traditional industries through continuous innovation in enterprise software and SaaS.

An ardent believer in ‘pay-it-forward’ philosophy, Manav is the founding member of SaaSBOOMi, a community of entrepreneurs shaping India’s SaaS industry.

Over the past decade, Manav has been actively taking part in building the ecosystem by backing more than 30 startups as an angel investor and encouraging them to think of scale in a regimented and disciplined manner.

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