How do you support your portfolio?

We work with our portfolio closely & help them in a variety of different ways:
1) Capital: In addition to backing you with sufficient starter capital, we also have ample funds parked for follow-on rounds. We want runway to be the least of your concerns!
2) Brainstorming Sessions & Workshops: Girish & Manav spend time 1:1 with our portfolio companies helping on topics of pathway to $1M ARR, figuring out the 1st version of the product, scaling GTM channels, hiring sales & marketing leaders et al.
3) Access to global practitioner network: We also have a network of over 200 global SaaS entrepreneurs & leaders available to help you across topics like Product, Sales, Marketing, Hiring et al.
4) Your biggest cheerleader & first port of call: We understand that building a startup is a rollercoaster journey, filled with highs & lows. We aspire to be your biggest cheerleaders in times of success & your first port of call in times of doubts/distress!